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colour-trap requested Maya Fey and Phoenix Wright

i cant draw phoenix im sorry huhuhu
and this wasnt suppose to be a comic, but i couldnt get to draw phoenix correctly beside maya so yeah… huhuhu.
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Ace Attorney Network

A network dedicated to the Ace Attorney Series. Take the role of an attorney who must uncover the truth behind crimes using evidence, cross-examination, and investigation.

Network | Apply | Badge | Admins: x x


» Must like Ace Attorney 
» Reblog this post to get this around
» All types of blogs can join 
» Have fun and you’re in!

If Accepted: (I will notify you, please have your ask/submit enabled and respond to my message for confirmation)

» Follow admins and at least two other people (add the two other people’s URL in your confirmation message)
   ↳ This way we can get to know each other! It’s kinda weird that we’re all in this network and yet we don’t even know each other.. » Must put the badge somewhere on your blog 
» Must be an active user!  
   ↳ If you plan to go on hiatus, notify an admin. 
» Check out other blogs and communicate with others (ask/skype/etc.) 
» You don’t have to follow this network but you can if you want to see updates

If you want a character that is not yet listed, feel free to add it in your application!
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THE WRONG ANSWER: a safe ending fanmix
[listen here] | [art source]
{1. cops and robbers- the hoosiers

we’re at a revolution
and we’re baying for your blood
we’re laying down the law
and your name’s mud
you’d like to be a member of the human race
you want to be a good boy
but you couldn’t stand the taste

{2. bleeding out- imagine dragons

i’m bleeding out
so if the last thing that i do
is bring you down
i’ll bleed out for you

{3. hurricane- 30 seconds to mars

tell me, would you kill to save a life?
tell me, would you kill to prove you’re right?
crash, crash, burn, let it all burn
this hurricane’s chasing us all underground

{4. eagle eyes- stonebank feat. emel

driving away, you manifest, because i am the root of all evil
i’ve got the eyes of an eagle, watchin’, i’m watchin’ you
i’ll have you burning with fire, why don’t you just retire
i’ll have you burning with fire
you see these eyes, looking at you, looking at you
you see these eyes, following you, following you

{5. partners in crime- set it off feat. ash costello

and if the heat comes close enough to burn then we’ll play with fire ‘cause
you’ll never take us alive
we swore that death will do us part
they’ll call our crimes a work of art
you’ll never take us alive

{6. decretum- kaijura yuki (puella magi madoka magica soundtrack)


{7. fondu au noir- cœur de pirate

[french; lyrics here are translated]
sleep, the worst is over, it won’t get you
out of breath, you’re no longer its prey
your efforts are useless to the madness of others
who will forget quite quickly that you’re no longer one of us

{8. dead!- my chemical romance

and if your heart stops beating
i’ll be here wondering
did you get what you deserve?
the ending of your life
and if you get to heaven
i’ll be here waiting, babe
did you get what you deserve?
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foxes are the most important animals on earth

im going to keep reblogging this until it isn’t cute anymore